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गुरुवार, 23 सितंबर 2010

Mother pain calling out inside the orphan

Time never says that what is going on tomorrow with us. But our basic problem is some one does not want to accept this true, because they realize” they will always get them young, never they are not going to face older age”. Dear at once accept and try to make out nature changes which time by time swirling such as a form of ecosystem. A many time ago, when I was read in class five, our teacher Mr Bhattacharjee was taught us a lesson , I am not more confirmed about the name of that chapter but as far as I think may be there name was “respect of parents”. there in between we got a central idea of whole about the respect how to deliver pleasure before our mother and father that he feels both of them built a solid wall not mould of molder. This meditation speech of respect I got through my teacher and that writer who wrote that lesson for understanding us the real defination of relationship between child and their parents. now what I am feel guilty myself do not know for ?. yesterday I was reached a orphan for reporting purpose there were found some old age suffered loveable mother and father who had been unwanted for her and his childs that’s due to they spent there time here and everyday pray to god & demand to them death nothing else. RUKHNANI DEVI KHEDKAR is a name of mother who love all one but this loveable mother could not get protection of their child between this stage, when really she deserves it for herself. Sorrow not sorrow great heart pain I feel yesterday ………………brother do not sees yourself as DOCTOR, ENGINEER, and other professionals only need is do respect her & his parents and prepare self as a good son…..(PRAKASH PANDEY)

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