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मंगलवार, 10 अगस्त 2010

‘Present phase will prove to be a turning point’Geelani: No differences amongseparatists on Kashmir

‘Present phase will prove to be a turning point’Geelani: No differences amongseparatists on Kashmir out any different among separatists on Kashmir cause, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, chairman Hurriyat Conference today said the ongoing phase will prove to be a turning point in Kashmir movement.he stated that his optimism is based on the unity of the people and the way they are unitedly implementing the ongoing programme.Geelani strongly condemned the continuous arrest of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Mohammad Yasin Malik, Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai, Mian Abdul Qayoom, Gen Moosa and all other detainees and demanded their immediate release.The Hurriyat chairman stated that even if he softened his stand all people would stop their support to him also. “I am very hopeful about the Kashmir issue reaching its logical conclusion and that Kashmiris achieving their goal. But the need of the hour is that we remain consistent and do not lose patience,” he said.Asked about him becoming a central figure right now, Geelani said he did not undergone change of stand on Kashmir in the past nor would he do so in future. “I want to make it very clear that even if Geelani changes his stand he too will lose the public support. We are representing the aspirations and blood of people and we should ensure that we stick to our stand,” he said.About unity, Geelani observed that the people are united and following a cause. This is the real proof of unity. He asked why there are several parties in India and why are not they being asked to unite. This is because when there is any issue pertaining to their country’s security their voice automatically becomes one. Likewise today Kashmiri separatists are one and united. “There is no difference among us about the Kashmir cause and this is the symbol of unity. As I said the present movement can prove a turning point in Kashmir cause,” the Hurriyat chairman said.He said the people should strictly follow the protest programme and youth need not violate it besides they should not pay attention to rumours. “Nobody is in touch with me through Track-II and such types of reports are all rumours and those should not be taken notice of,” Geelani said.About Syed Sallah-u-Din, chairman United Jehad Council (UJC), the Hurriyat chairman said he has offered lot of sacrifices for the movement which should not be forgotten. “Whenever a statement comes from him it is surely in the interest of the movement and not against it. I have no contact with Sallah-u-Din sahib since long and I come to know about the perspective after reading his statements,” he said.Geelani said Kashmiris are not afraid of arrests and this type of thinking is not going to help India. He asked the government of India to read the writing on the wall.The Hurriyat chairman asked the people to remain vigilant against the elements with vested interests, who are trying to defame the movement. He in this connection referred to the role of some National Conference workers and Ikhwanis. He urged youth to be courageous, patient and disciplined.About talks with centre that it is his known stand that such talks are futile. “Even Mirwaiz Umar Farooq’s Hurriyat held several rounds of talks but nothing has yielded,” he said.

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