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मंगलवार, 1 नवंबर 2011

Relentlessly politics need for making fine India & shine India

Relentlessly politics need for making fine India & shine India, because rush can never make a verdict by self calling out, so embracing to those who do not know about a ANNA movement, basically those one who come form countryside India, today is a time for getting technology for developing the way of success but prob is here how gramin Bhartiya shall get modern technology, as like as television, dish connection etc, in addition to all they may arrange those thing from any where,yet question is rise here how they will arrange running electricity for watching about Delhi, what's going on..

except of all, at last a thing comes out before us that do not simile on situation, open the mouth against the flamer who want to be flamed INDIA too....

sorry dear, lack of time prob i could not write ahead on whenever i will find time then it would be continued on

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