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गुरुवार, 21 अक्तूबर 2010

Bihar wants only development, not a face of nepotism

Bihar wants only development nothing else. The day of election divided into six phase and before starting of ruling and ruler war their peoples has been cleared, we are going with progresses of bihari and bihar. They are saying,we never want to go any other zone for feed up their want but condition of state not more good so we could not stay a long here. India most of state has own resources due to their fellows spends a good life better than us.A point to be essential which always swirls into our mind, that is when bihar and jharkhand separate to each other that year our government said "1000 thousand crore rupee provides to bihar but now many year past that could not come to hand why ?? ". BJP OUT congress in and then after vajpei ji announcing could not get a space cause is congress disappear. although now a judgment of result come into the hand of here aawam and they prefer whom, who really love him. Rahul Gandhi can not our ideal because he is a face of nepotism....please do not make a part of this fabrication and drop your vote after thinking.

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