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शुक्रवार, 9 दिसंबर 2011

Bellary Mining Scam - Lawmakers become lawbreakers_Network_PKG The politically powerful people have plundered the nation’s wealth. In other words we can easily narrate it as way this country is looted by these politicos all over, make Ghaznavis and Nadir Shahs look like small-time pick-pockets. ETV's special report on “Khablam Karlo or Khablam Bangara, Khablam is iron, Bangara is gold” which turned our lawmakers to into lawbreakers. Not only lawmakers & legislators but the people who meant to implement the law had also allegedly involved in violating the rules seemingly conveying the message that 'All that Glitter is not Gold' . Large number of MLAs or MPs in Karnataka are leading businessmen. The traders have seemingly entered to the portals of legislatures because they know that the policies are made by those who are sitting there. They themselves decided to become the legislators, instead of relying on an intermediary politician. They had a chit fund business. Reddy's came to the limelight during the Lok Sabha elections in 1999. They worked for Sushma Swaraj after she stood as a long-shot candidate in Bellary, against Sonia Gandhi. Though Sushma lost, she remained a patron of the Reddys. And by 2005 they had entered politics. Despite being influenced by Saffron party they developed close terms with the then Andhra Pradesh chief minister YSR. Through this, they found a ready-made uncle in Rajasekhara Reddy and a ready-made mother in Sushma Swaraj. Earlier, during the British there was mining going on in the state but the demand in the international market was very, very poor. Therefore they were practically on the verge of closure. Once they found out that Korea, Japan, China, had the technology of converting the ‘fines’ into higher steel & the countdown to the August 2008 Beijing Olympics gave the steel industry a boom. The Games witnessed the commissioning of huge infrastructure projects led to a hunger for steel in China. Mentionably, the iron ore found in Bellary is one of the finest in the world with an iron (Fe) content of 60-65 per cent, and is known as 64Fe. This ore is exported in its raw form to not only to China but also to countries like Japan, South Korea and Australia. After turning into strong leaders they care very little about law. The more money, power and political prominence they got they felt that they could do anything & everything. TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu stated that YSR the then Andhra Pradesh CM had saved them for five years. He also revealed son of YSR, Jagan Mohan Reddy's connection with illegal mining. ' N Chandra Babau Naidu, TDP chief [BLOOD_AND_IRON-2] TCR (1:10- 2:00) VTS_01_1 VO4: They started working independently. They started expanding their activities like a mafia. Experts believes that 30 million tonnes of iron ore was looted from state. They would have excavated only as much as they could consume but because of the International market demand was huge, they without following the guidelines of Indian Bureau of Mines, they went on grabbing every possible place, even agricultural land. Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) for inspected that about 103 mines there, out of these 95 are iron ore mines. In which out of 95 iron ore mines, two are sub-judice.Union Minister for Mines BK Handique has informed that whatever iron ore were exported, 70% are fines and 30% are lumps. 30 % lumps in the country itself out of the 70% fines, exported almost all. These fines, have no use for them. As the country don’t have the right technology & the energy is very costly here in India. Apart from political patronage, Reddy's have also got the support of former chief justice of Karnataka, Justice Dinakaran, who resigned recently,dealt with the number of cases of this mining mafia. He allegedly passed a series of orders in their favor. Justice Dinakaran allowed him to lift more then one lakh ton of iron ore from reserved forest. Senior Advocate Prashant Bhushan sharply reacted over that they have mined the border of Andhra-Karnataka. On paper, the Gali Reddy brothers do not own even a square inch of a mining lease in the state of Karnataka. However, they have promoted Obulapuram Mining Company, which has a mining lease in the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh. In Karnataka, the Reddy brothers and their associates have been accused of using strong-arm methods to control mining operations in the name of other lease-holders through illegal sub-leases and third-party ‘raising’ contracts .On the contrary, Janardhan Reddy claiming to be innocent from very beginning and stated that will resign if single evidence found against him. As much as 70 per cent of the total production had no market and then before the Beijing Olympics China went after infrastructure in a big way .The requirement of steel went up, accordingly the requirement of iron ore went up and when this boom came which led such a biggest mining scam. Money is a thing where political differences sink, the parties joined hands. Not only the politicos but the Justice also allegedly indulged in the scam claimed to be the biggest scam of Independent India, in terms of money.

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